This site section dives into different facets of the Canadian Judicial System where Gender-Based Violence (GBV) manifests. The increasing recognition of the need for a justice system that can adequately provide for victims, survivors, and families of GBV, has brought on many legal changes in legislation, procedure, and practice. This section explores how GBV continues to affect the Department of Justice, the Canadian Criminal Code, and the Police, as well as how it has led to Restorative Justice approaches and expansion of legal and financial options for victims and survivors.

The Department of Justice

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This section explores the Department of Justice’s mandate and perspectives. It also discusses the Federal Victims Strategy which focuses on centering and empowering victims/survivors of GBV.

Legal and Financial Options

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This section looks at the different legal and financial options available to GBV victims, survivors, and families to pursue justice and reparations.

Restorative Justice

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As an approach that has been adopted by Canada for the last 40 years, this section explores everything RJ related from history to implementation and international use.


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This section gives a detailed review of all things police related, including mandate, institutional gaps, victim experiences, and solutions to combat ineffectiveness.

Canadian Criminal Code

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The Criminal Code’s definition of sexual offence and rape has vastly changed over the past 40 years. This section discusses current and past definitions as well as notable amendments which have shaped the Criminal Code.