This website illustrates the real threat that climate change has towards the future of the planet, while also recognizing the reliance of Canada on our energy sector to maintain our current way of life. As you work through our site, you will have the opportunity to explore the differences and similarities of provincial and territorial approaches within their energy sector, (e.g. sources, projects, and party politics). To present each regional government's perspective on climate change, we have outlined each province's plan to address climate change.

You can expect some overlap between the climate and energy pages in this website because it is important to provide context on each of the issues discussed.


Climate Policy Overview Page

Energy Policy Overview Page

The Team

We are a group of political science students from the University of British Columbia who have a particular interest in Canadian energy and climate change policy. Our goal was to create a comprehensive site that presented Canada's provinces and territories individual policies in order to gain a greater understanding of Canadian energy and climate politics as a whole.

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