What are Canadian Interests in Global Affairs?

Canada's political interests are promoted and defended on the world scene through Canadian foreign policies, partnerships and during international summits. Canada's interests and priorities can be divided into four categories:

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We are a team of political science students from the University of British Columbia who have a particular interest in Canadien foreign policy. We created this site to demystify Canadian's interests abroad and position in global affairs, and to provide an accessible and informative platform presenting content from various type of sources to Canadians.

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  1. Defense and International Security - Canadian defense and security policies are dependent on ongoing world events and global threats. Trends in Canada's defense strategy include the promotion of partnerships and alliances. Historically, Canada's participation in international efforts for global security through military support overseas, the signing of international treaties, and financial and political support for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have also been a central part of Canada's defense strategy. Although Canada has made efforts to increase its security in cyberspace it has faced many attacks that have damaged its national interests and there are still many threats. Canada increasing its cyber defenses day by day but needs to amp its role in the cyberspace realm in order to protect itself.
  2. Trade and Economic Interests - Canadian trade and economic policy is highlighted by close links to the United States, and a pursuit of multilateral partnerships to counterbalance that dependency. Most recently, Canada has secured two new free trade agreements with the European Union and eleven Asian nations through CETA and the CPTPP, respectively, which will reduce Canada's vulnerability to volatile domestic US politics.
  3. Human Rights and Diplomacy - Canada has exhibited leadership in regards to promoting global human rights and diplomacy. Canada has been at the forefront of multilateral agreements aimed at the promotion of increased human rights and diplomacy. The world's positive perception of Canada is significantly impacted by its actions outside Canadian borders, but what goes on inside its borders that shapes outward facing actions?
  4. Sovereignty and contested territories - Canadian sovereignty claims in disputed territories are at a flashpoint for the rest of the world. Much of Canada's territorial interests currently lie with the Arctic. Becoming a more viable region in the global economy, the nations are racing to secure their place in the sun and Canada's interests are at a crossroads.

The combination of these interests is dynamic and shapes Canadian foreign policies and the country's position on various international issues.

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